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Buddha Pack Vol. 2

Introducing "Buddha Pack Vol. 2" – a revolutionary digital drum kit meticulously crafted to elevate your music production experience, specifically tailored for the dynamic realms of Hip Hop and Trap. This premium collection is a sequel to the acclaimed Buddha Pack, designed to bring even more power, depth, and versatility to your percussion game.

Buddha Pack Vol. 2 is a carefully curated assortment of cutting-edge sounds, featuring an exceptional array of Kick Drums, Snares, and Hi-hats that embody the essence of modern Hip Hop and Trap styles. Each sound has been expertly engineered to deliver a punchy, crystal-clear impact, ensuring that your beats stand out with unparalleled clarity and character.

Abstract Wavy Lines

Over 100 Drum Sounds!

55 Snares

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31 Kick Drums

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15 Hi Hats

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1) Innovative Kick Drums: Immerse yourself in a rich sonic palette with a diverse selection of kick drums that range from deep and booming to tight and punchy. Whether you're aiming for earth-shaking bass or crisp, precise hits, Buddha Pack Vol. 2 has you covered.

2) Dynamic Snares: Elevate your beats with an extensive collection of dynamic snares that cut through the mix effortlessly. From snappy and tight to fat and resonant, these snares provide the perfect backbone for your rhythm section.

3) Versatile Hi-hats: Craft intricate and expressive hi-hat patterns with the wide variety of options available in Buddha Pack Vol. 2. Whether you're going for classic simplicity or intricate trap rolls, these hi-hats offer the perfect balance of clarity and texture.


4) High-Quality Production: Each sound in the Buddha Pack Vol. 2 has been professionally produced and processed to ensure optimal sound quality. The kit is designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow, allowing you to focus on creating, without compromising on the sonic excellence of your percussion.


5) Compatible with Major DAWs: Buddha Pack Vol. 2 is compatible with all major digital audio workstations (DAWs), making it easy to integrate into your existing setup. Whether you use Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, or any other popular DAW, this drum kit ensures a smooth and efficient production experience.

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