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Hailing from New York, Jay Buddha is a revolutionary hip hop producer & sound engineer who has made a name for himself by creating & pioneering a unique style of music. Using a combination of software instruments, synthesizers & plugins, Jay Buddha's sound stands out in the hip hop landscape due to his creative imagination and unique vision.

Jay Buddha's musical journey began in the late 2000's, when he first downloaded Logic Pro on his Macbook. His sound quickly came into form as he studied producers from all walks and genres of music. Whether it was the icons in rap, or alternative producers such as Tycho, Bonobo, Com Truise & more. As time went on, he studied and self taught himself all of the ins & outs of production & sound design. He pushes for a more progressive and ambient hip hop style that is dialed in on melodic elements.


In recent years, Jay Buddha has continued to perfect his sound & create awe-inspiring music. He works out of his home studio & has collaborated with many talented artists & producers in the game. His music has been featured in video games, podcasts, vlogs & more. In addition to his producing & engineering work, Jay Buddha has also created his own brand & has released several products under it including merchandise, loop packs & artwork designs.

No matter what project he takes on, Jay Buddha always brings a unique and creative vision to the table. His work continues to push boundaries & challenge the norms of sound design, production, & artistry. With his innovative approach in all things creative, Jay Buddha will certainly continue to impact the world for years to come.

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